Wednesday 1 August 2018

Project: Mabel and Mickey

I've spent the last year co-producing and directing a one-woman show - it's a mixture of spoken word, true crime, biography, and shadow puppetry. It's been performed at the Wandsworth Arts Festival, Camden People's Theatre, the Roundhouse, and now at Underbelly in Edinburgh. 

I shot and edited this trailer just as it began to snow back in March. The snow settled and lay on the ground for days. It got so cold that the water pipes in our part of South London burst and we were cut off completely for a while. It felt like camping - collecting drips in big pans, showering at the swimming pool. I think Mabel was trying to tell us something. I think she'll probably haunt us all forever after this.

I played around with a few video formats - spoof vlogs, deleted scenes, a haunted camera roll (our house got broken into and we filmed the wreckage afterwards, but decided it was too sad to make into a proper video). I'll post some here, as a record.

Finally, our teaser trailer - which I had the great pleasure to see played all over Edinburgh on big screens. Wonderful!

L x


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